Supplier of various grades of natural rubber

Natural rubber is a plant-based material with many properties and benefits such as heat resistance. West Africa Commodities is your solution in West Africa for your premium natural rubber needs. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.

ORIGINS : West African Commodities selects its partners for their focus on quality and sustainability. We support and work with local and independent partners based in West Africa who excel in the agro-industrial sector through the development of large firms. Each of these firms is important because they contribute to the economic and social development and benefits of the people living in the regions where they are located. We take a huge interest in the process of sustainable development and make it a point of honour to act responsibly to protect the environment.

SUSTAINABILITY : West African Commodities selects its partners Ensure compliance with national and international laws and regulations. West African Commodities is committed to strict compliance with national and international standards and regulations, and to working only with partners who are committed to the same principles. We stand up and fight against any form of corruption of any kind. In the event of any case of corruption found or reported within our company or activities, we undertake to take appropriate action against the person concerned, whether an employee, a supplier, or even a customer. Align ourselves with the respect and protection of the rights of workers and local communities. West African Commodities is committed to the protection of the rights of workers and local communities. We have a deep interest in the welfare of our workers. That is why we ensure that their human rights are respected through the application of social and wage standards. We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that all our partners also respect their fundamental rights and human dignity.

WORKERS' RIGHTS: Our subsidiary makes every effort to ensure that all workers' rights are effectively respected by all parties.

RIGHTS OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Our natural products are produced on rubber plantations that are operated with the utmost respect for the rights of local communities. We also place great importance on formal and customary law as defined by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and we strive to implement these as well as the basic and legal laws in force.

Protection & conservation of natural resources: Our natural products are Our commitment to the planet requires us to work only with environmentally friendly companies. This environmental policy also guides the choice of the products we sell. We make sure that the production and manufacturing processes respect the following rules:

Do not participate in the degradation of High Conservation Value (HCV) forests, High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests or peatlands.

Do not participate in the destruction of protected habitats, rare, threatened or endangered plant and animal species as listed by the IUCN Red List.

Implementation of measures for the protection and conservation of water and soil resources as well as for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and all types of pollution.

Prohibition of the use of fire for land preparation, clearing or waste disposal.

We trade and transform African agricultural resources

“L’Afrique dispose d’un immense potentiel en termes de denrées, produits agricoles susceptibles d’être produits et commercialisés sur les marchés intérieurs et extérieurs. Les récentes crises sanitaires et politiques ont mis au jour notre dépendance vis à vis de l’extérieur. Le défi d’aujourd’hui est de construire une Afrique nouvelle, une Afrique ambitieuse et autosuffisante, une Afrique qui pourrait nourrir le monde.